Car Show Memories

Let's look back on a few Memorial Day Weekends past...
                                                            ...Starting way back in 2006:

Heading 2

From the holiday weekend 14 years ago...Fred's in Riverside (above) and Johnston Mem. Park (below)
Next...we go forward another 6 years to the holiday wknd in 2012:
Now 8 years ago, Memorial Day Wknd saw us at the now-defunct Snow's in Glocester & back at Johnston
And finally...let's jump up to 2015 for a few more holiday glimpses
5 years ago, we were enjoying a gathering at Scituate Baptist..and then, it was another day in Johnston

Happy Memorial Day Observance,

One and all !

All-Olds Show - May, 2014

Misquamicut Show - May, 2012

JB Francis School - May, 2008

Cruise Night Memories

A&W, Tuesday May 6, 2014

Frederickson Farms, Wednesday May 9. 2018

BassPro, Thursday May 17, 2012

McDonald's, Friday May 14th, 2010

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