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Over the off-season, we're taking a look back at the

crazy cruise season of 2020.

September seemed to come faster than usual. Just as things were really rolling at most of the cruise nights, sunsets began to creep up earlier & earlier.

Two of the three weekly cruises that forged through the season wound down in Sept..

Let's look back and remember.

The peak of our 2020 cruisin' season came a little later than usual...given its late start.  And, by August, things were rolling along well with some mighty solid crowds turning out.

Here are a full 100 candid cruise shots, snapped at the cruises of August, 2020:

Finally.  by mid-July, nearly all of our local weeknight cruises were up & running.  The A&W Tuesday cruise began by mid-month, leaving only the Mass Cruisers' BassPro

cruise in Foxboro to "sit out" the season.

Here are a few memories captured at the cruises of July, 2020:

As June arrived, our Friday night cruise at McDonalds in Cumberland finally got going with the RI Chevy Owners.  A light first week there quickly began filling in by week two and establishing what would become one of the best turnouts years in recent memory !

After delaying the start of the season for several weeks..Frederickson Farms decided enough was enough and began to work with state departments to figure a way to hold a weekly cruise night while maintaining all appropriate safety guidelines. 

A test night the week before Memorial Day went smoothly...and so we got rolling the following Wednesday, May 27th.  Check the pics below !

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