April 15th

Today in 1982

Billy Joel suffered a broken wrist when the motorcycle he was driving was hit by a car. The Piano Man would remain in the hospital for well over a month.

A fabulous kick-off !

A GREAT crowd helped us kick off the 25th season of Tuesday cruises this week on Rt 44.  Check out the new pictures
on the Event Photo Page.

Exciting news, Pontiac-lovers...

The national POCI convention is coming to New England this summer...and CruisinBruce

will be there !

Canine Logic

Our little four-legged wonder has always known that getting onto the furniture is a no-no.

So, too, is playing with

ball in the house.


Here, we see her assumption that two wrongs cancel each

other out..and so this particular activity is perfectly okay.

Lexi...Sassy Mascot of CruisinBruce.com

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