October 26th

Music History:
Today in 2004

Forbes.com compiled one of the first-ever lists of the top-earning dead celebrities, placing Elvis Presley on top. Twenty-seven years after his death, fans were still buying his music and collecting memorabilia to the tune of $40 million a year.


A GREAT crowd yesterday at the farm.

IMG_2383 edit.jpg

Check out more than 60 fresh shots from Sunday at Fredericksons !


Coming next month...
the annual Town Santa Parade returns to
North Attleboro !

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IMG_9947 edit.jpg
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sunglasses santa.gif
Sharing is Caring

Even forced sharing,

that is..


Upon wandering in for her third mid-afternoon nap of the day, our canine hero found somebody else sleeping in her bed.


The forlorn look says, "yes...I'll let this interloper borrow some of my space but I don't have to be happy about it...

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Lexi...Sassy Mascot of CruisinBruce.com


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