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--CruisinBruce.Com is brought to you by Sacchetti Classic Car Insurance - American Classic Cars & Marine - Peluso Precision--
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Will we be able to cruise Cumberland tonight ?  Only mother nature
knows for sure -
watch here for updates.

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It's a busy weekend on the E Greenwich tomorrow (above)
and Warwick Sunday.  Check the calendar page for full details.

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CruisinBruce is On-The-Air

Join in with the "Saturday Block Party" and bring your requests...4 to 7pm... each weekend on WOON 1240/99.5. the radio dial to the left
and listen LIVE right here !

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Saturday request time is BACK !

Looking to SELL your classic vehicle ?
CruisinBruce highly recommends the national reach of
Clasiq Auctions for more buyers' eyes on your classic vehicle.
o risk...No fee until your car sells...Complimentary escrow service.
Contact Donna at or call/text (401) 862-2699
to chat about your classic and be sure to check out

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Dirty Carburetor ?  Here's your solution ! 

Available at any CruisinBruce event.

The Berryman Chem-Dip Carburetor Parts Cleaner is a highly effective carburetor parts and throttle body cleaner that removes gum, varnish, fuel residue, and other deposits from carburetor parts and throttle bodies.

Just $39.65

Auto Parts 
Offer valid through
June 30th

Our little canine heroine is quite anxious to see this car event season get underway.


She can frequently be found hanging out, impatiently, in the back of  one of Daddy's station wagons, quietly humming her favorite road tunes.

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Lexi...Sassy Mascot of

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Sacchetti's is the official
classic auto insurance of 

Have a classic you need to insure?
Or maybe your motorcycle,
your home or business.  
Call 401-461-0900...or ask 
CruisinBruce at any event

Remember... Sacchetti insures
MORE than just classic cars !

American Classic is the only full 
restoration shop officially 
endorsed by CruisinBruce.Com.

From minor tweaks to full-blown 
restorations, call 508-278-0020 and 
set the realization of your dreams
into motion.

American Classic Cars & Marine is the area's  only budget-minded full resto facility !

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Peluso Precision stands among 
Southern New England's 
most-reliable sources for classic 
auto maintenance & repair.  

They specialize in transmissions...and  handle ALL types of service. Steve is  ready to take your call at 508-478-8900.

Southern New England has relied on Peluso service for more than 35 years !

For traditional mail, contact:

PO Box 82
Oneco, CT 

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