7/16 - Classics By the Sea e                                                                    9A-2P * 866-956-8588
2017 General Car Event Calendar
Weekend/One-Time Event Schedule*
Details now being added regularly.
Other area cruise nights include:
*the following is a list of general area car events which are not affiliated with
CruisinBruce in any way.  Contact posted info, where available, for further details.
(Weekly) Cape Cod Classics @ Patriots Square on Rt 134, So. Dennis, MA                                                                                 (underway)
(1st & 3rd) Bay State Street Machines @ Grace Gospel Church 3049 County Street, Somerset, MA                                         (next: 7/02)
(Weekly) Matt's Blackboard at the Plumb Corner Mall on Rte 105 in Rochester, MA                                                                  (underway)
(Weekly) Denny's on Resevoir Ave (Rt 2) in Cranston, RI                                                                                                              (underway)
(Weekly) Downtown Cafe on W. Main St (Rte 123) in Norton, MA                                                                                                   (underway)
(Weekly) AutoZone on Washington St (Rt 53) in Weymouth, MA                                                                                                     (underway)
(2nd & 4th) Scales Seafood & Ice Cream on River St (exit 8 from Rte 146) in Millbury, MA                                                        (next: 6/28)
(Alt. Weeks) Elks Club on Bullfinch St in North Attleboro, MA                                                                                                        (next: 6/28)
(Weekly) Oak Harbour Village on South County Trail (Rte 2) in Exeter, RI                                                                                   (underway)
(Weekly) Dip & Sip Donuts on Hope St (Rte 114) in Bristol, RI                                                                                                       (underway)
(Alt. Weeks) Raynham Park w/Wheels of Time on Broadway (Rte 138) in Raynham, MA                                                              (next: 6/29)
(Weekly) Denny's on Hartford Ave (Rte 6) in Johnston, RI                                                                                                              (underway)
(Weekly) Hebert's Candy Mansion on Rte 20 in Shrewsbury, MA                                                                                                   (underway)
(1st & 3rd) Mattapoisett Wharf on Water St (off Rte 6) in Mattapoisett, MA                                                                                   (next: 7/07)
(Last Fri./Monthly) I-Hop/Cold Stone on Faunce Corner Rd in Dartmouth, MA                                                                             (next: 6/30)
(Weekly) Rocky Point Clam Shack on Post Rd (Rte 1) in Warwick, RI                                                                                            (underway)
(Weekly) Kimball Farms on Lunenburg Rd (Rte 70) in Lancaster, MA                                                                                           (underway)
(2nd Monthly) XTreme Restorations on Railroad St in Slatersville, RI                                                                                          (next: 7/08)
(Weekly) Shore Dinner Hall on Post Rd (Rte 1) in Westerly, RI                                                                                                       (underway)
(Weekly) CJ's Northside Grille on Edgell Rd in Framingham, MA                                                                                                   (underway)
(Weekly) Auburn-Webster Elks Lodge on Southbridge St (Rte 12) in Auburn, MA                                                                      (underway)
(Weekly) Canton Classic Car Club at Rite Aid Plaza on Rt 27 @ Washington St in Canton, MA                                                 (underway)
(Weekly) Sham-Rods Cruise Cape Cod Regional Vocational High School in Bourne, MA                                                          (underway)
(Weekly) Star Drive-In on Rt 79, at exit 10 off R 140 in E Taunton, MA                                                                                          (underway)
7/16 - Annual Joseph "Mike" Cardile Car Show at the Lowes on Bedford St in Abington, MA                                10A-4P * 774-219-4920
7/22 - National Doughboy Day Car Show at the Shore Dinner Hall on Rt 1 in Westerly, RI                                         9A-3P * 401-575-6933
7/16 - Cruzzin Dreams Classic Car Show & Flea Market at Hebert's Candy Mansion on Rt 20 in Shrewsbury, MA time ? * 774-696-3479
7/23 - Lydia Taft House Car Show on Quaker Highway in Uxbridge, MA                                                                     9A-2P * 401-575-6933
7/23 - Legendary Street Rods Car Show at Livesey Park on Parker St in Fairhaven, MA                                          9A-3P * 508-889-0434
7/23 - Jaime S Rivera benefit car show at the Rec Center on Powder Mill Rd in Southwick, MA                           10A-3P * 413-569-2145
7/26 - Annual Cruise Night w/RISRA in the Arctic Section of West Warwick, RI                                                           4P- ? * 401-265-2670
7/27 - Early Ford V8 Club's Ice Cream Night at Kimball Farms on Rt 70 in Lancaster, MA                                          time ? * 978-263-7256
7/16 - 5th Annual Classic Car Show at the Cushing Center on Washington St in Hanover, MA                              10A-2P * 617 538-3682
7/16 - Falmouth Car Club Classic Car Show at Bigelow Marine Park on Scranton Ave in Falmouth, MA               11A-3P * 508 277-1318
7/29 - ATCA Bay State Chapter Truck Show at Worcester Sand & Gravel on Holden St in Worcester, MA             8A-4P * 508-852-1683
7/29 - Annual VolksFair all air-cooled at Hebert's Candy Mansion on Rt 20 in Shrewsbury, MA                                9A-3P * 603-475-1543
7/29 - AMC-Rambler Regional Meet at the Marriott on Day Hill Rd in Windsor, CT                                                    time ? * 603-475-1543
(Weekly) with the STN Car Club at Consumer Auto Parts on Fortune Blvd in Milford, MA                                                         (underway)
6/29 - Ice Cream Night with the Early Ford V8 Club at Erickson's on Rt 117 in Maynard, MA                                    time ? * 978-793-2223
7/01 - Special Olympics Car Show at Finn's Harbourside on Water St in E Greenwich, RI                                         9A-3P * 401-575-6933
7/01 thru 03 - Cars of Summer Show & Antique Auto Auction in Green Hill Park on Rte 9 in Worcester, MA      all wknd * 508-832-7007
7/02 - Happy Birthday USA Car Show at Rocky Point Clam Shack on Rt 1 in Warwick, RI                                         9A-4P * 401-575-6933
7/03 - Annual Block Party & Classic Car Show along Main St in Fitchburg, MA                                                          5-10P * 978-502-6641
7/04 - Car Show at the Library on Pond Rd in Harvard, MA                                                                                           8A-?? * 978-456-0011
(2nd & 4th) Subway Sandwich Shop on Rt 3 in West Warwick, RI                                                                                                    (first: 6/28)
7/09 - Car-Show at Kimball Farms on Rte 70 in Lancaster, MA                                                                                    11A-2P * 617-913-1414
7/08 - St. Mark's West Shore Health Center Car Show on W. Shore Rd in Warwick, RI                                            9A-3P * 401-575-6933
7/09 - New Hampshire Mustang Club all-Mustang Show at the Anheuser-Busch Plant in Merrimack, NH            time ? * 603-533-0884
7/09 - Car & Bike Show at Antonio's Restaurant on  JT Connell Highway in Newport, RI                                          9A-3P * 401-575-6933
7/12 - Auto Show at the Senior Center on Nashua Rd in Pepperell, MA                                                                         5-7P * 978-433-0326
7/30 - Rocky Point Clam Shack Car Show on Post Rd in Warwick, RI                                                                            9A-3P * 401-575-6933
7/13 - NAFD Annual Kids Day Carnival Cruise Night along Elm Street in North Attleboro, MA                                    6-9P * 508-643-7444
7/14 - Old Car Night at Ipswich Ford on County Rd/Rt 1A in Ipswich, MA                                                                        4-7P * 978-356-2916
7/15 Classic Cars at the Natick Senior Center on E Central St/Rt 135 in Natick, MA                                                 9A-12P * 508-647-6540
7/16 - Annual Car Show at the Freetown Historical Society on Slab Bridge Rd in Freetown, MA                              9A-2P * 508-763-0576
7/16 - MCCNE 33rd Annual All-Wheels American Iron Car Show at Solomon Pond Mall off I-290 in Marlboro, MA time ? * 508-674-5462
6/29 - Downshifters' Cruise Night at Golden Living Center on Obery St in Plymouth, MA                                       4-7P * no phone # avail
7/04 - Wareham Historical Society Car Show at the Old Nail Factory on Elm St in Wareham, MA                        9A-2P * no phone # avail
7/16 - Classics By the Sea Benefit Car Show at Fort Getty in Jamestown, RI                                                              9A-3P * 401-575-6933
7/13 thru 16 - Roadmen Car Club's Viva East at the Best Western on Rt 20 in Marlborough, MA                    4 day wknd * viva-east.net
7/30 - 34th Annual S. Shore Street Rods Show for the Bridge Center on Pleasant St in Bridgewater, MA            time ? * 508-697-7557
7/30 - All-Wheels Extravaganza at Johnston War Memorial Park on Rt 6 in Johnston, RI                                          9A-3P * 401-575-6933
7/30 - Taunton Art Assoc. Car Show at Star Drive-In, Rtes 79 & 140 in E Taunton, MA                                             10A-2P * 508-763-0576
7/30 - Cruise to Survive Car Show at Constitution Field on Rt 138 in Voluntown, CT                                                   3-7P * 860-908-8274